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What We Do:

We provide answers to questions, solutions, ideas, and strategies to Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs.

We do this by offering personalized face-to-face video calls, (video not required), with small business owners to help them solve their issues in areas like:

  • Creating more sales

  • Saving money (lowering expenses)

  • Getting better results from employees (hiring, training and motivating employees)

  • Sell more products and services

  • Plan their next growth steps

  • Save money on expenses and overhead

  • Hire more qualified, reliable, hard-working, like-minded people

  • Produce more proficient, highly-trained, efficient, and engaged employees

How We Do It:

With live, scheduled video conference calls, your business needs are addressed in real time, by real mentors that are familiar with your issues and ready to present solutions to your unique issues and challenges. Prior to each video call, you present your most important situations and questions. 


If needed, the necessary research and leg-work to provide the best solutions will be done prior to your video call appointment. In doing this, the time you spend together can be used to outline a game plan, address any concerns and perfect the ideas.

Our Founder:

Born and raised in California, USA in the height of the tech boom and thrust into creativity and design from an early age, McNely has an abundance of experiences in many industry-leading dynamics.

Married, (to the same woman), for 29 years with three grown children each starting their own families, McNely has been deeply involved in the community, well-traveled, well-educated, and well-read. His portfolio covers a wide range of areas such as sales and marketing, cultures, adaptations, influences, technology advances and wide rang of various industries in many different fields.


With a multitude of experience in businesses from start-ups to working with trillion-dollar companies and everything in between,


McNely has experience as an entry-level employee and climbing his way up, to starting and owning the company. Managing private companies and public companies. Consulting for a vast range of companies and industries.

Background experiences include:

  • Virtually every kind of technology

  • Marketing/online marketing

  • Management strategies and solutions

  • Inside/outside/outbound/online sales

  • Business development

  • Operations

  • Finance

  • Business startup/pivot

  • Mergers and aquisitions

  • Franchise/regional/national/international expansion

  • White-label/private branding

  • Customer service

  • Domestic and international opertaions and outsourcing

  • Automation/custom/proprietary technology

  • Integration and outsourcing

  • Much more

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