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Small Business Help
for All Your Real Issues

From Real People with
Real Experience & A.I.!

Exceptional Solutions at Reasonable Prices


Empowering Small Business Success: Our mission is to carefully guide small business owners towards greater success through reasonably priced, comprehensive pay-per-use mentoring, and a remarkably low-priced monthly subscription service that includes quality free resouces such as: educational videos, eBooks, and training courses;  cutting-edge AI resources; enhanced sales and marketing tools; and a variety of robust programs and assets that can enhance virtually any small business activity. We specialize in areas crucial for business growth. Areas such as: hiring; management; learning, using, and leveraging Artificial Intelegence (A.I.); mastering social media and online marketing; boosting sales; maximizing profits; and transforming challenges into opportunities. We are committed to converting entrepreneurial dreams into tangible successes.


Step 1.

Complete a brief business bio, answering some general questions about your business. This is always a good excercise for back-to-basics anyway.


Step 2

Create and submit your questions, concerns or areas where you and/or your business need help. Use as much detail and background information you think is necessary to get the help you need.

Step 3.

Schedule your first video conference call (no video required - just use your phone if you would like - or - conference in and see your mentor with no video on your side). Choose a day and time that works best for you from the available times that week, and attend your video conference call. Your Small Business Mentor will be ready to discuss your needs and help you begin your success journey!

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